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Friday, May 26, 2017

Barbecue Wood Chips vs. Charcoal
Which is safer for grilling: barbecue wood chips or charcoal?

Barbeque Basics: Myths About Salt and Other Seasonings
Should you add seasonings before or after cooking? Find answers to this common barbeque debate.

Does Adding Smoke To Barbeque Grills Make Food Taste Better?
There are several products to add smoke to barbeque grills. Do these products work, or is it all a smoke screen?

BBQ Foods: Does Meat With More Fat Absorb More Smoke?
BBQ Myths About Fat and Smoke

Get The Most From Your BBQ grill
Don't let myths about flipping steaks and other meats keep you from getting those appealing BBQ grill lines

Is Self-Starting Charcoal Unhealthy?
The truth about self-starting charcoal: how to avoid one of the most common grilling mistakes

The 'Clean the Grill' Myth
When is the best time to clean the grill? An answer to the age-old debate

Your Grill: An Open and Shut Case
Should you leave the cover open on your grill?

Do Grilled Foods Cause Cancer?
Understanding the connection between grilled foods, charred foods and carcinogens

Are You Grilling Or Is It a BBQ?
Myths and misnomers about grilling and BBQ

Grilling Steaks: Are Undercooked Steaks Unhealthy?
Is it a myth that undercooking when grilling steaks is unhealthy?

Do Grills Harbor Bacteria?
Understanding this common myth about BBQ and grills

How to Barbeque: Myths About High Heat
High heat and when to use it - an important aspect of how to barbeque

Low Fat Grilling: Myth or Method?
Three ways to keep your grilled meals low fat

Sticking to the Grill: The Myth of Coating Foods With Oil
Do you need to coat foods in oil to keep them from sticking to the grill?

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