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BBQ Myths:

The real answers to your big questions about BBQ and grilling...

Friday, May 26, 2017

BBQ Myths: Find Out Whether These Common BBQ 'Facts' Are True or False...

BBQ or grilling - is there really a difference? Does meat with more fat really absorb more smoke and smoky taste when you BBQ it? Should you really coat foods with oil before you BBQ? Is using self-starting charcoal for your barbeque really unhealthy?

These are just a few of the questions we answer here -- and you'll discover that much of what you think you know about BBQ and grilling is simply not true.

Let Us Introduce Ourselves...

Hi! We're the BBQ Mythbusters -- and it's a pleasure to bring you the real answers to the most common myths about BBQ and grilling.

We've been BBQing since we were 7 and 8 (actually, we just 'helped' our fathers at that age). But we discovered very early on how delicious a BBQ meal could be -- and today it's almost unheard of for a weekend to go by without at least one BBQ meal.

We became the BBQ Mythbusters after we started hearing all the nonsense about BBQs and grills that people believe as gospel.

We wanted to set the record straight -- so people didn't waste their time believing foolish 'facts' or make unnecessary sacrifices in the name of health.

Curious What Else You'll Find Here?

The real answer to the age-old debate: Is it best to clean your grill before or after you use it? Do BBQ grills harbor bacteria, or is this just a myth? Should you avoid flipping steaks? How do you best keep a BBQ low fat -- without sacrificing the taste? Do smoke-adding products work, or is it just a smoke-screen? Is it best to BBQ with the cover open or closed?

And much, much more!

Please have a look around -- your next BBQ guests... as well as perhaps even your doctor... will thank you!

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Or Visit Barbeque Bob's Other Website...

One of the BBQ MythBusters, 'Barbeque Bob' Quinn, has another website we recommend you also visit. It's called BBQ Recipe Secrets.

Of course you'll find lots of great-tasting BBQ recipes. Plus, you'll discover useful tips on just about every aspect of BBQing and grilling: the secret for making your own BBQ sauce... exactly how long to grill different kinds of meat... why some people swear by BBQ rubs... which BBQ tools make all the difference... the lazy way to BBQ an entire meal... how to BBQ seafood like a native islander... and that's just the start!

For great BBQ recipes and secrets, click here now.

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